Winpython: Using Python and IDLE in a USB

Wait, is it already a month!? More like I kind of forgot about this website. I guess I will write something quick about programing: Python on USB flash drive.

One thing I want from my school is that computers has the Python IDLE installed. Sadly, that is too much for the system admins to do. Lucky form me I found a website that helps me to use python 3 on a USB drive.

WinPython's free open-source portable distribution of the Python programming language for Windows 7/8/10 has created a portable version for the Python programing language for Windows computers. As of today, they are using version 3.7.4. If you are a student, then I recommend you use the official one at, but you need one that needs to be portable, then download Winpython.

WinPython is recommended for students

First, if you are a student and you only need the basic tools, then WinPython 3.7.4 Zero is what you need. If you are pro, then check others for specialized tool or packages (Jupyter Server, Nodejs v10.16.0, etc.). Just extract the file and put the folder in your flash drive

WinPython32- file size is 30MB, but installation size is about 100MB

WinPython32- file size is 30MB, but installation size is about 100MB. Its not that big, but the other versions are like over 1GB installed size.

Open IDLE python GUI

To test that everything is good to go, open the IDLE and do your 'print("Hello world")' in the IDLE shell and test that it works. Or you want to open your .py file, then go to Open, open your file, and the script file editing window pops up with your script. Press the run and your script will now work.

Using Notepad++ with WinPython

Ok, I will admit I don't like the Pythons's IDLE shell window, but I prefer using my portable Notepad++ app and then run by using the RUN command. But first, you need to find where your idle.bat file is.

Idle.bat is in the WPy64-3740\python-3.7.4.amd64\Lib\idlelib folder

In order to use Notepad++'s Run command so that you can run your .py files is to know where yout idle.bat file is. In my situation it’s in here:


Now, we want to "read" the file and let Notepad++ where the path of the source of the .py file. Just put this code in Notepad++ by using:


This is what it looks like on my configuration:

"D:\WPy64-3740\python-3.7.4.amd64\Lib\idlelib\idle.bat" -r "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"

enter image description here

Special thanks to: Notepad++ On the menu go to: Run -> Run.. (F5)

Well that's it for today, as I am busy again with school. Nothing special, but I will do my best to post more.

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