Be An Android Developer for $25

Be An Android Developer for $25

Hey buddy, want to be an android developer for $25

I was wondering how easy is to be an android developer and to my surprise it took like less than 10 minutes*. lets break it down how i did it:

  1. go to Google Play sign up
  2. Accept the agreement.
  3. Pay the $25.
  4. Fill out some more information such as email and phone number.

See it was that easy and it took like less than *10 minutes! enter image description here

*OK, to tell you the truth I think I spent more like an hour in creating a new professional email and waited for 3 days for a new phone number. I was afraid I will get weird phone calls and getting bombarded with spam email . My solution for the email was creating a new professional gmail account and get a free phone number from (and waited like 3 days for a sim card). I think I did the right choice to have a professional email and phone number so I wont mix business with pleasure.

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