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Just recently I summited my application for a school that offers a master’s degree and I can say it was pretty easy. Now I'm preparing for school and I got like less than a month. I'm not driving to a campus, but I'm doing my education online. So this update is a quick one, because I just wanted a masters in information technology and I believe that if I don't do it soon, then I would never complete it. So I guess I will explain the process in how I chose the cheapest degree I can afford. Keep in mind I have the Post-9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33) and with only 12 months remaining.

CSUSM MS Cybersecurity Unit Cost

When I wanted to know what graduate computer science programs CSUSM offers, there pretty few for students to pick. Then I looked at the price and it was pretty high (for me). For example, my local San Marcos University’s masters in Cybersecurity was like $32K and that was not including the fees. Someone may scoff that this is a normal price, but I don't want be in debt ever again. My budget was like under $20K. So I continue looking.

Lucky for me, I did have a link from long time ago that had a list of affordable colleges. The website was and I had this link maybe like years in my "Things to Do" folder. So after days of researching and narrowing it down to 3, here are my results.

National University – La Jolla : Computer Information Systems

My criteria for my degree was pretty simple: A master's in the IT field (IT, Information Management, Cybersecurity, etc.), school accept VA Benefits, online only, and getting the degree under $20K. I came upon a few and National University in La Jolla (California). Doing a quick calculation show it was just over $20k, but this was in my maybe "I will go if I can't find a better deal".

I continue searching I found out edX offers online Master's degrees. The cybersecurity was like $10K, but the fees were like an additional $3000, so it was a good deal. Sadly I can't find if edX accepts GI Bill benefits. So I skipped this.

Online Master of Computer Science as low as $15K from Coursera Just a quick note, I never knew that Coursera also offers a Master’s degree (thanks to Arizona State University) in computer science. Not interested, but it was neat that it cost like $15K.

Veterans Affairs GI Bill school search tool

After I found the cheapest school, I went to Veterans Affairs website and make sure the school is accredited and see if it’s in the system. By using the VA's school search, I found the information I needed. Lucky for me, the school accepted the GI Bill. However, there were a higher complains, according to the Weams Institution Search tool, that were compared to other schools that I was interested in. So I took a gamble and applied to AMU (American Military University) I hope I don't regret my decision.

ww.Amu.Apus.Edu Anyway, I will post some follow ups and will write my experience in getting the cheapest Master's degree in Information Technology. I believe it will cost me $18k, but the VA will pay the first 12 months. So I better prepare right away, because school starts in August. As in, I got like less than month and have to clear my schedule for the next 18 months.

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