VetsinTech: Free (technology) education for Veterans

VetsinTech: Free (technology) education for Veterans

Are you a veteran and want to learn a skill such as web development, cybersecurity, python, Splunk, or something that involves a job in the tech sector? And you want the education to be free (or at least less than $15)? Well I got good news, because I'm here to talk about VetsInTech (VIT) organization that offers free(...ish) education for veterans. Well, it not completely free: people who sign up must pay $13 for a reservation/fee. After that, the people who signed up will get more information. So I signed up for one class and it was web development and it was a 4 week (Monday-Thursday) course. I wanted to sign up for the cybersecurity course, but this 5 day course starts at 7 AM and it ended around 4 PM. So, this was not possible for me as I was at work. Without any more delay, let me explain my experience with VetsInTech. I don't remember how I found out about this organization, maybe I was looking for some kind of free online classes for Salesforce or ServiceNow. I forgot, but I found this website. Anyway, after reading what they offer, it looks like they offer free fast space (bootcamp style) online courses for veterans. So I signed up using their website and ID.Me website to verify that I'm a veteran. After that, the class I wanted to be in was cybersecurity, but sadly it started at 7 a.m. and it ended 4 p.m. (5 day course). Then I saw web development and joined. The price for the class was a small fee of $10. The reason I chose web development is that I'm getting rusty in my html and JavaScript skills After a couple days, I receive an email that there will be a mini interview and just fill out a form. Then before 2 weeks the course started, I had to follow some directions and set up a GitHub account. VetsInTech 32 hours Front End Web Development certificate The course was 4 days, 2hours each day, and for 4 weeks. It was fast paced. Out of 35 people (or was it 32?) only 2 people dropped. We had homework in the weekends and we had to submit our work by pushing our files to GitHub. I'm not going to lie, the last week was the final project and it was crunch time. After that I received a certificate of completion. So each day the whole class just follow the instructor’s instruction. There were some delays, such as filling some surveys, but we push on. VetsInTech sponsors I just took this free course and I recommend it to anyone who has the time to learn something new. Draftkings sponsor this class and I would like to say thanks to them (and others) for providing some funds for VIT. The only downside is that there is limited classes and seats. Of course, VIT is fairly small and new, so in the near future the organization will expand. Still check them out in the near future and who knows, you may like to take a class for free or low cost.

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