Bliss-Box: 4-Play (Part 1)

So what do you get for $130 video game controller adapter to USB? well.. 2x Nintendo Entertainment System Cables 2x Super Nintendo Entertainment System Cables 2x Nintendo 64 Cables 4x Nintendo GameCube Cables 2x Retro DB9 Cables 2x Sega Dreamcast Cables 2x Sega Saturn Cables 2x Sony PlayStation/PlayStation 2 Cables Bought this adapter at eBay fro like $133. It's not cheap, but I was looking for an adapter that did everything and one criteria was that it needed rumble support for the N64 controller. Also, if possible, to read the N64 memory pak. The rumble works for the 4-play adapter, but the memory pak reading is not supported. Before I go any further, I Continue reading