Check The Cheque for the Fire Os

Aman app store: Download Check the Cheque

This is a quick post: if you have an Amazon devices that have the Fire Os, you can download Check the Cheque app to your tablet and phone.

One thing I have to say that this app could have some bugs as I don't really know the Fire Os and how compatible is with the amazon devices. In fact, I have own zero Amazon products!

Download this app at the Amazon appstore You can download the app at these links:

Or use this link

I promise that I will do my best that this app contain very few errors or crashes, but I hope you have the patience with my experiment with Fire Os ecosystem.

I will post another update as on what is so special to port your apps to the Amazon store.

Also, if you can comment or give a customer review then I would be happy to read it. Thanks.

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