Cisco Routing & Switching Essentials review

Cisco Routing & Switching Essentials review

Crossover, straight through, serial, rollover cables

Another semester (8 weeks course) and it was great. The Cisco Routing & Switching Essentials course was a bit tougher than the Introduction to Networks course.

I used the third edition book (eBay was like $15), but I believe that the 4th edition had new content that I needed for the last quizzes. For example, the third edition had 11 chapters and only 9 chapters were covered in this course. The 4th edition have 10 chapters and one of those chapters have new material not found on the third edition.

I still believe you can use the previous edition to pass this class, as the online materials goes in to good details. If you don’t believe me, then buy the $100+ textbook.

One problem is that the class had zero people who dropped the course; therefore, the people had trouble (more like fighting for) sharing the hardware when doing some projects.

Rack with Cisco 1841 & 2901 router with Cisco Catalyst 3560 & 2960-24TT-L Switches

Now let me tell you about the final project: IT WAS LONG! Just like the previous course, the final PCC Case Study was worth 20% of your grade. I think I spent like 16 hours on that project and I think I got a score of 98%. Also, the final test was worth 25% of your grade. So, both combine was 45% of your grade. Talk about stressful finals week.

CCENT (ICND1) Practice Certification Exam can help you with this course

One recommendation for people who want to take this program is that you try to get 100% on your practice exam, look back at previous quizzes, and at least try to do the CCENT (ICND1) Practice Certification Exam that is worth zero points. The practice ICND1 exam is found below other assignments. Why the CCENT practice exam? Well, I found out later (like after 1 week when the class ended) that this CCENT exam had some questions that appeared in the Final Exam! Anyway, I like the course and I will try the next one.

See you soon.

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