Getting your Network+ Education for Cheap

Getting your Network+ Education for Cheap

It took forever, but I finally got the Network+ certification. Because I also have the A+ cert, I have CompTIA IT Operations Specialist (CIOS) stackable cert. One reason I got the CompTIA Net+ certification was that getting the CCNA certification is too tough. I remember when I took the ICND1 test, I got a low passing score. Therefore, my confidence tanked when I was thinking of taking the ICND2 certification test in the near future. So, I went to a different route: getting the Network+ cert.

Below are the study materials that I used and it requires low or no cost to pass the N10-007 test. The study period can range from 5-8 weeks. If you are really good at taking test, then you can knock them out in 4-5 weeks. If you are super busy and have trouble on studying, then I would recommend taking a 16-week networking class at your local community college, if they offer it.

Network+ Guide to Networks 8th Edition by Jill West & CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam Cram (6th Edition) by Emmet Dulaney

Go to your local library and see if they got the latest Network+ certification guide books. Make sure it’s (as of today) the N10-007 and not the older study material. If your local library does not carry them, then go to your community college or university library. The books I borrowed came from Palomar College and CSUSM. These books (ISBN-13: 9781337569330 & 9780789758750) cost about $50-100. So please check your city's and school's library first. If not, then buy them used from eBay or

Now let’s talk about videos with instructors.

Mike Meyers CompTIA Network+ Cert. (N10-007): The Total Course

Mike Meyers makes studying the material fun. However, these videos are longer and goes into great detail and adds some quick jokes. You can see these videos for free if you have LinkedIn premium. If you don't have the premium, then you can purchase them at Udemy. I recommend the videos if the price is like $20 or below. You can also watch his videos at or for free if you take the one month free trial. CompTIA IT Certification Bundle

Like eight months ago, there was a sale for CompTIA certification bundle from that was sold at StackSocial. I believe I paid $30 for A+, Network+, and like 5 more. I recommend you look at StackSocial and search for CompTIA courses. If the price is like $40 or below then it’s a good price. One problem with website it's bit slow. I believe that it’s a popular website and the servers is not up to the task when bunch of people log and watch the videos at the same time. Also, they changed the view of the site, so now you can't open the video on full screen. The trick to enable full screen is to right click a space near the video and choose the "This Frame" -->"Open Frame in New Window" in Firefox.

For apps, there is tons in Google's play marketplace. Look for free and with high score reviews. Below I believe that they did a good job.

Test prep. for Comptia Network+ N10-007 Magic Bytes Soft

Network+ Exam Simulator Anand Software and Training

CompTIA Network+ Certification: N10-007 Exam Dumps NellaSoft Corp.

There are tons of free apps or demos that offers review questions for the Network+ test. The best ones are the one with many reviews.

If you don't like apps, then below are some regular web sites that offers review questions:

CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam N10-007 Practice Test 1

CompTIA N10-007 Network+ Pop Quiz Online – Quiz #1

Network+ Practice Quiz: N10-007 Quizzes

As a result, I passed my Network+ and it took me like 6 weeks of studying. Well, more like 16+ weeks, if you count the Cisco Networking class I was taking at my local community college. The Cisco class did a good job in supplementing networking key terms. The cost I believe was around $30 for studying materials and the test was like $300.

Because I now have the CIOS stackable cert, I updated my LinkedIn profile. My profile and resume looks better than just putting A+.

Lastly, my next certification test I will be taking is the ICND2. I have the confidence to take on that test and I can finally have the CCNA credential. But first, I need a break.

June 10, 2020 edit:

iCollege is still around. So all my courses that I purchase are still there. The courses does not change to the newer ones, however. So if you purchase these courses back in 2018-19, there is high chance that the material are outdated. Half of my courses in my bundle are outdated, so keep that in mind when you buy these "lifetime" courses, you don't get an upgrade to the newer certs. One improvement is that loading of the site is faster, so videos load up quicker.

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