Netacad: NDG's Linux Unhatched and Linux Essentials review

Netacad: NDG's Linux Unhatched and Linux Essentials review

Okay, I have not posted anything for a long time, because I am very busy with studying the Linux fundamentals and soemething else. First let me tell you that I took some courses back in college (I believe in 2012-13) and I can say that I completely forgot 80% what I learned. So I hit the books and did some studying during this COVID-19 period.

I am not sure I want to continue learning Linux and take the CompTIA Linux+ (XK0-004) or the Linux Professional Institute LPIC-1 (101-500) exam after 2021. However, I do want to remember what I studied 7-8 years ago. Back in the day, I was energetic and curious about Linux kernel and the free software that people contributed. Now, I'm just curious.

So, if you are curious about Linux and and want to learn something for free, then I recommend these two free online self-spaced courses. What else are you gonna do in 2020?

NDG Linux Unhatched

"Start from scratch" Linux course

Once again, Cisco offers some Linux beginner study material at their NetAcad web page (Cisco Networking Academy) and its pretty short. How short? Like 8 hours worth of study material and that it! I just finished reading the web pages like 2 and half hours. This is your basic Linux fundamentals and its for people who have never touched an Linux distribution or want to learn about Linux for the first time..

I would recommend this course only if you have the time to read some text and spent like 8 hours of your life to learn some important terms and playing with the virtual terminal. Its short and straight to the point. Sadly there are no videos or any kind of of forum where you can ask questions from your peers.

If you don't like it, you can just unroll from this course. The best thing about this is that its free and its simple to read.

Network Development Group and Cisco: Linux prep course

So did I like it? Well yes... kind of... I'm not sure. I like it, because it has an easy to read level material. Another great thing about this course is that it has terminal window that allows you to input some commands. The terminal loads on the browser and it feels like you are communicating with a real operating system. I'm not sure its the best free online course of study, but this free version offers a great value for people who don't want to spend big money on college books.

One thing that needs a improvement is that one can read and do some labs in less than 8 hours. It just feels like you are barely touching the surface of Linux and open source. I have mixed feelings about this intro course, but I would recommend it to people who never open a terminal window.

NDG Linux Essentials

NDG Linux Essentials 1219

Now let me tell you about something that is tougher and it has more "meat". The Linux Essentials is like your college's 101 course: your intro to the subject. I believe that I have forgotten the fundamentals and this free course was the right thing for me.

There are 18 sections and each section maybe have around 3 hours of study material. So every week, I only studied like 3 hours (three days and each day was like one hour of studying) and finished on my 20th week. Some sections where tough to read and while others were a bit challenging in the lab sections.

NDG Linux Essentials certificate: there is no 20% off

So after I finished the course, I got a certificate. I noticed that on the certificate of completion described a 20% off of the Linux Essentials certificate (Exam code 010-160) examand that would bring the exam cost to like $96. I wanted to learn more and click on the link.

Now, I was disappointed on what happened next.


It gave me a 404 error.

Reading the Linux Professional Institute web site and looking for some kind of information for the discount gave me zero result. Lastly I just email someone from the contact information about the discount and the reply was:


Unfortunately this discount has been discontinued. We apologize for the inconvenience.



Well great. :<

I don't think I am willing to spend over $100 for a Linux exam and certificate, but deep down I want to try the exam for fun. Searching the internet if there is a seller that offers discounts for the exam let me to Jason Dion. Dion Training offers IT courses and discount vouchers, so check them out. I think I am going to check this out later in the future.

Now, I had my fun and gained some open source knowledge. I would recommend Cisco's Netacad if you want to learn something. However, the Linux courses lacks videos; therefore, it maybe it could be boring for some people who wants to see an instructor explain the subjects.

If you want to learn more about Linux and see if there are any other free or low cost learning materials, then go here:

Next time, I will let you guys/gals know another course I am taking. So see ya.

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