Free 200-201 CBROPS | Cisco CyberOps Certification Voucher from US Cyber Veterans Cisco Training Program

Free 200-201 CBROPS | Cisco CyberOps Certification Voucher from US Cyber Veterans Cisco Training Program

First, let me explain that I receive an email from someone or an organization asking if I want to participate an online class and receive a free voucher for the Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate exam. Of course there was nothing to do during 2020 because COVID-19 shut down most schools and entertainment places so I accepted the offer. But first let tell you I don't know how US Cyber Veterans Cisco Training Program (USCVCTP) found my email, but I believe the USCVCTP is partnered with Onward-to-Opportunity (O2O) and they reach me for the offer.

So I accepted and then I wanted to know who or what organization was providing the funding. My quick research showed that there were multiple organizations. There were O2O, the Veterans Career Transition Program, Cisco, and North Carolina Department of Information Technology (NCDIT) that it made it possible for me to have a free voucher and education.

So if you are interested in the CBROPS certification and education and you are a veteran, military spouse, reservist, etc. then you go to the following web sites for more information:


Cisco Military and Veterans Programs

I wish I could tell you where to fill out the request form, but I was asked by email (probably someone from Syracuse University) if I was interested. Therefore, I don't know where is that web site that offers the free voucher. Its bury somewhere on those web sites.

FREE Cyber Security Training & Certification for Veterans

Before I go on, I need to explain what is CBROPS (Cisco Cybersecurity Operations Fundamentals) or the Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate 200-201. If you are thinking your career should be a security analyst, a network auditor, be a security operations center (SOC) team member, then CBROPS or the CompTIA CySA+ certification will be on your radar. You will learn about security concepts, SIEM tools, Windows and Linux security, hunting Cyber threats, attack vectors, and too many topics to list for right now but I hope you get the idea.

The course that I participated was from June 23 to October 23, 2020. Keep in mind that all work must be done by October 1st and the following 22 days were for reviewing your notes and labs, and watching the videos.

I believe this was about 80+ hours course. I did my best of doing like studying 1 hour on the week days and resting on the weekends.

I barely finished the course by September 16th and almost missed my chance for the free voucher. I was taking long study nights and finish the bare minimum. The labs were not done by Ocotber 1st, but theses were optional. Sadly, these labs were important for job interviews and maybe the CySA+ and CBROPS exam.

Hive10 and Cisco provides education for the CBROPS certification

It was tough, but I regret not putting enough hours on this class. Looking back at this course, I should have put 2 hours on the week and 1 hour on the weekend. Sadly I had days where work from my job took too much energy from me. Another thing about the 200-201 CBROPS is that there were no books for me to buy and study on my lunch break. I love books, but this course was fresh and I did not want to buy the old 210-250 and the 210-255 cert guide books.

The only book that cover these topics is the Cisco CyberOps Associate CBROPS 200-201 Official Cert Guide (Certification Guide) 1st Edition by Omar Santos and will be published by 2021, so I was out of luck. I just can't study if I don't have a physical book on my hands.

Therefore, my only study material was the online class and the Cisco's CBROPS Study Materials web page.

Finish the CBROPS and receive a badge at

I finished the course by October 1st and just chilled for the next couple of weeks. That was my mistake, as I had to schedule an exam date and review the study material in the meantime. I just took the exam in December 14th and failed. My score was like 722 and the passing score was 820. I guess I will retake the exam (pay out of pocket of course) and study the topics that I missed. I don't feel bad that I failed, but I am happy that I got a free education and an exam voucher. For now, I am debating on taking the exam again, or check out CySA+ exam. Only time will tell.

Maybe I will take the CySA+ for fun and see how similar is to CBROPS. So see ya on 2021!

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Bridge from Military to Cybersecurity Careers Just a quick note, CyberVets Usa is not associated with These two are two different groups.

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