(Windows||Mac) + Android Studio + git + Google Cloud SDK

(Windows||Mac) + Android Studio + git + Google Cloud SDK

This post is just a rant about using Mac and Windows with Android Studio and Git and Google Cloud SDK. So if you want read my rants about Mac vs Windows, the continue reading.

Apple maintains and ship their own fork of Git! I never knew that Apple ships git in their Mac OS X versions. Source can be found at https://opensource.apple.com/source/Git/ and its amazing that Apple has a fork of git. So I think it was pretty cool that I had no trouble with git and I can easily upload Repositories at GitHub or any other SCM software that uses git. So I had no trouble with the Macs dealing with gits.

in Windows, however...

I always carry my work on my thumbdrive or use the cloud for small projects. There are times that I have to install git in a public computer (such as a friends PC, school, etc.) and work on projects. The only solution to lower my install time is install the portable version of git from the official https://git-scm.com/ web site in my USB drive. The install size is like 200 MB+. The only setting I have to change is Settings > Version Control> Git and point the Path of the Git executable to the portable git.exe (mine is in PortableApps\PortableGit\bin\ folder) in Android Studio. Installing Git

Now lets talk about Google Cloud SDK. I really want a good installation of google cloud SDK on the Mac and on Windows. Yet, I believe on windows was the simplest one: just click the exe file and you are done. On the Mac, you have to do 3 things:

Enter the following at a command prompt:
 *curl https://sdk.cloud.google.com | bash*
Restart your shell:
   *exec -l $SHELL*
Run gcloud init to initialize the gcloud environment:
    *gcloud init*

I know I am nick piking, but I am really lazy. scrips and bash, my arch nemesis Well that's about it, I am trying out the google cloud platform and testing out the git repositories and see if its better that GitHub. Sorry for the rant.

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