1 year later: Future Growth

1 year later: Future Growth

When I wanted to created this website, I asked myself why am I doing this?

The first thing that pop in my head was that this could be a good opportunity to create a portfolio and just display my work and projects. So in August 2017, I created this blog and my goal was to post 3 things each month. It could be anything that I wanted to talk about, but it had to be something that I care about and something that relates to the field that I work on. Well, it turns out that I posted 1 or 2 things and sometimes I wrote stuff that does not relate to my career. The blog slowly had stuff that I had work on college. Later, I added a link to an Android app that I created in my spare time. Slowly I had 2 post that I care about.

So now what?

I want to focus my energy on making my Android app more popular and try to do add 3 post each month about technology, web development, programming, video games, networking, or maybe talk about motorcycles.

I got the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) certification

I think I get 10 or 20 users read my blog, but I want to expand a bit more and get double those numbers. Why? I think the purpose of this blog is helping people with simple stuff. One of most view web pages on this site is about Samsung Galaxy clone S4 fakes and how to spot them. So in a way, this blog is just a dumping ground of tiny things that I can do and help people with stuff.

Analytics Dashboard

I tried Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification and passed the online test (its free, by the way). I really like this tool as it gives me an idea what should I do with this blog.

In the near future, I will play around with Analytics and Adwords and see how much of an improvement I can get if I spend $100 dollars in ads. Its an experiment I want to do and I want to share my results with the world.

Lastly, every 6 months or so, I will continue to update the "Check the Cheque" app and add a feature. I don't know what it will be, but maybe add more languages to the app.

It's a short post for today, but this can be beginning of something great.

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