Google Search Console vs Bing Webmasters tools

Google Search Console vs Bing Webmasters tools

Before I go on comparing Google Search Console and Bing's webmaster tools, I have to say that if you want your web site to be discovered in this endless sea of html or php web sites, you have to first insert the URL to a web search engine's service.

My first experience was going to Google Search Console site and just input the website's URL: It was simple and fast. This was like a year a go and I believe it change everything.

First, this website that I am building is just a place to upload, show, and write about my skills. In short, its my portfolio. At first, googling "Jesue Rocha" showed no results about me or who I am to my future employer. As if I was just a fictional character. Slowly, in 2017, I just posted 1 or 2 things every month. Slowly, "I" started to appear in the giant search engine. What I mean in those quotations for "I", it felt that I was a product. I had to make myself stand out and compete with other talented people in this crazy job market.

Anyway, it was pretty fun in creating this web site: getting the domain name, seeking a cheap web host, setting up the blog, etc. The problem is that I felt that the blog was not popular enough. Slowly I got some knowledge about SEO (search engine optimization) from Moz's "Beginner Guide to SEO" and continue to seek more information. Its very short! I recommend this if you don't know how to be popular in search results. Short and sweet, but I wanted to know more about Google Analytics and maybe seek Bing's tools for more online presence.

Now, here is what I recommend people to do if you want to focus on Bings (or Googles) webmaster's tool: Learn first Google's academy for ads. "Learn what you need to succeed with Google ads"

Right now you are thinking "what are you talking about?! use a google training with Bing?!" Yes, by getting the Google Ads Display Certification , you will be somewhat good at targeting at people. After all, you will be giving $100 ad money free by Bing just for signing up. I just don't want you waste valuable free advertising. I think the ads display certification learning time and passing the exam time took like 1-2 hours a day for 10 days. Keep in mind that coupon expires in 30 days, so you have like 20-15 days left if you really focus on these free online mini courses. If you chose not seek these courses, you will probably will be novice and waste money for very poor results.

But hey, its your free ad money. I am not your mom.

So where was I, oh yes... sign for Google's and Bing's webmasters so your website can be indexed and see how traffic, who links to your web site, and see if you can optimize your online presence. Google has a clean and simple interface, so I don't think there is much to talk about the new interface. However, if you click on the old interface you will be have more options to to look at. For example, if you want to temporally remove URLs that you don't want to be shown, then

Remove URL's in GWT (Google Webmaster tool)

in the Google, you go to Google index >> Remove URLs. So if you want the basic, Google Webmaster's new interface will do, but if you want to do extra, then use the old search console.

"Sign up now and receive a 100 USD search advertising credit from Bing Ads. " and I mean no strings attached!

Just like Google's console, Bing's console is simple. It has more features, but the important tool I like the best is SEO analyzer that check a web page from your web site and tells you a suggestion that the title or description is too long or too short. "The description is too long or too short" according to Bing


Well, Yahoo does not have a webmaster tools, but relies on Bings. So any changes in Bings will affect the results at Yahoo search results.

DuckDuckGo does not have a way to add web sites in the in their result, the best way is to have good results from Bing, because from my experience, the results looks kinda of similar.

In conclusion, your best way to have a good search ranking and visibility is to use both Google's search console and Bing's Webmaters services. My next post will be how to wisely spend $250 web advertisement at very low* cost in Adwords and Bing ads in my next post**

*when I say low cost I mean less than $10 for a coupon for $150 Adwords and the free $100 Bing ads. **Next post or next month? I am not sure either.

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