Free 1-year LinkedIn Premium for Service Members, Veterans, etc.

This is a quick review for 1-year LinkedIn premium and I have to say it’s pretty good for U.S. Armed Forces who are now entering civilian job market. I tried this free offer for Veterans and I have to say it the only thing I like was the In Learning section which consist of educational videos for certification, learning new skills, and job interviews preparation. Therefore, this post is about a free service that I recommend for Veterans, service members, and/or military spouses.

Like 12 months ago (April 10, 2018), I stumble into this:

LinkedIn offers U.S. service members and veterans a free 1-year Premium Career subscription

I used it and I have to say that this premium service best feature is the Learning section which consist bunch of videos that helps the user for certification or learn new skills. Today, I will talk about how some online courses are pretty good for people who are in the military and want to learn a new skill or get ready for certifications. + LinkedIn creating an account

It’s pretty easy to sign up, just create an account and it requires that you have your DD214 paperwork, USSA account, or other means to prove you are from the military. I choose the USSA account as I don’t want to scan the DD214 papers.

LinkedIn premium: best features is LinkedIn Learning

It took like less than a week for me to get the premium feature to be activated. At first I was not impressed. One feature, allows other users to contact you for free. I did not care for this feature. There was a resume builder that helps you create a resume. Again, I did not care for this. Then there was “Who view your profile”, Open Profile, 5 inMails per month, and “Feature applicant” which I did not used. To me, some features should be free. Then I stumble to the LinkedIn Learning. This feature is pretty important as I think some videos/courses are key for landing a job in this competitive job market.

LinkedIn Learning: CompTIA Network+ (N10-007)

One thing I like LinkedIn Learning was that there were tons of videos and courses that helps you with job interviews, learn new skills, or prepare you for certification. For example, you can search for Network+ and it will show you videos or courses that involves with that subject. The course consists of educational videos, some quizzes, and a test. I think the course’s total length is like 28 hours.

 LinkedIn Learning: CompTIA A+ 901-902 1001-1002

Not all courses are up to date. Take the CompTIA A+, most videos consist of 220 901/902 and there are very some few of the newer version, the 220 1001/1002. Slowly, but surely, LinkedIn is uploading newer material every week.

However, some courses, like ICND1/ICND2 CCNA, are way too short. The CCNA course was like 14 hours and it does not have some kind of CLI simulator software that let the users experience how to configure a switch/router. Trust me, CCNA certification is tough!

You can even search for ICND1/ICND2, MCSA, or you can learn how to program. Neat! So, there is something for everyone.

LinkedIn Learning: MCSA

After you finish the course, you get a badge in your profile that you have finish the course.

The problem is that this ends in one year. After this, you pay $30/month or about $300 a year if you want to continue to use this premium service. Is this worth paying $30 a month? No, some learning resources can be found cheaper at YouTube or your local library. I still recommend for people to try the free trial and take advantage of the LinkedIn Learning and learn something new or keep up with your certification.

I just wish it was like half price, then maybe I can continue using the premium service.

One thing I learn is the military spouses can use this free premium service, but they have limited window for getting it for free. According the LinkedIn FAQ:

Spouses of military veterans can also redeem a free one-year Premium subscription within six months of separation from the military, or if they’re moving due to a permanent change of station, through the U.S. Department of Defense’s Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program. Learn more about how LinkedIn supports military spouses.

Anyway, that is it for today.

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