MayFlash Magic-NS vs 8BitDo USB Adapter For PC and a Goodbye 2020

MayFlash Magic-NS vs 8BitDo USB Adapter For PC and a Goodbye 2020

This is going to be a quick post, because this is the end of 2020!

Not a long time ago (probably in August 2020) I wanted to use the Wii U Pro controller and play some games on my laptop. Therefore, I needed a USB-Blutooth game controller adapter. My research came up with these two adapters that are $15-20:

8BitDo adapter (Orange) MayFlash MAGIC-NS Wireless Controller Adapter

8BitDo adapter firmware support at Support for these two adapters are still going. I recommend that if you buy any of these two adapters, then upgrade to newest firmware. One adapter had a firmware from 2019. 8BitDo adapter firmware upgrade tool looked polished while Mayflash was simple but straight to the point.

These two adapters has support for many controllers. But the main ones are PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch Pro, Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, Wii U Pro, Wii Remote, and Xbox One S Bluetooth controllers, and many others.

For now Im using it for my laptop and Wii U Pro Controller.

Florence (video game) PC port has support for Xinput

Did I notice any lag? No. The inputs on my controller sync up well with the games I was playing on my laptop. If a game has Xinput and rumble support, then I could feel the feedback.

I had no problem playing Florence with the controller. I recommend you guys/gals check out this lite game, if not then try these adapters on an emulator and play your favorite classic games.

Wii Metal Slug Anthology works on Dolphin

After playing for only a few hours on both adapters, I can say that both are winners and you can't go wrong buying one or both of them. Sadly, one adapter can only support one controller at a time. So, if you want to have 4 player action, they you need to buy 4 adapters.

So why did I review these two adapters late? After all, these two appeared in 2017 and there are far better reviews in Amazon and YouTube. Because I have not played any video games in 2019-2020. I was so busy with work, school, cert prepping, etc. I think in 2021 I will relax a bit more and play my backlog of games. I still want to play the The Legend of Zelda .. you know the one from 2011...Skyward Sword!

2021 will be the year I will relax more and maybe post more on my portfolio. Another resolution is to focus on my career, and maybe seek more happiness.

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