Oh GAWD, please don't buy this adapter

Oh GAWD, please don't buy this adapter

MY money is wasted on this product This is not the best Wii adapter. Actually, it's the worst adapter for the Wii that probably never got a quality testing done properly. I present you one of my worst purchases I did in 2017.


When I plug this in on my Wii console and wanted to use my SNES and NES (スーパーファミコン & ファミリーコンピュータ) controllers on classic games, I notice a big lag (a period of time between pressing the button and movement) and felt that I had a defective unit. Nope, turns out that many users who purchase the Komodo Adapter also have the big lag inputs. Well, there goes $10 down the drain. But why does amazon have a hate-love relationship? it has 3.1 stars and a majority is a 5 or 1 star reviews. Time to open up the item. soldering blahh! The soldering job was bad. Oh well, May as well show you the other side. so empty, like my soul Well, if you bought this item and have bad lag, there are two options to solve this problem: Desoldering or buy a better adatper such as Hyperkin snes adapter.

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