Hyperkin Controller Adapter for SNES to SNES Classic Edition/ Wii U/ Wii

Hyperkin Controller Adapter for SNES to SNES Classic Edition/ Wii U/ Wii

SNES adapters from $100 to $9.00 I like video games, but I prefer to use console controllers when it comes to gaming. One thing that I always go back is the old consoles such as SNES and N64 to relive those days. However, I don't have my old consoles and the only way to play these games is by emulation. So I have have an emulator in my pc and in my Wii console. My best experience is playing the NES, SNES, and the N64 is by playing them in my Wii and using the Homebrew software.

So today I am reviewing this cool adapter: the Hyperkin Controller Adapter for SNES ASIN# B075RMYMNH. My favorite wiimote  princess peach

Ok, first this adapter only works on wiimotes and the SNES classic. Second, it works only on generic and official SNES controllers (Japanese SFC and American 3rd party works also!) and not mouse. Also, this adapter is not compatible to the super Multitap, according to Amazon.

I have not experienced any heavy lag and its not bulky compared to the other adapters (such as Mayflash Controller Adapter for NES Classic and Wii U/Wii) and its price is very reasonable. However, its not a usb device that converts the SNES to USB and its not compatible with Mac, Windows, or Android(no duh, Einstein). If you are looking for something to play on your computer or tablet, then look for something else (like Bliss-Box 4-play, Myaflash adapters, or Raphnet-tech SNES controller adapters. Snes authentic controller USA vs Super Famicom Controller Game Pad

The adapter is like 6 inches long, but it does not matter as this hook up to a wireless wiimote. The Super famicom 3 feet length cable felt as it was the perfect size. However, if you are planning to use original Super famicom controller on the SNES classic, I recommend you buy extension cable as 3.5 feet of cable is not not long enough when you hook it up to your mini console.

Well this Hyperkin adapter is my favorite adapter as it does a simple task and does it well. It plays well with both American and the Japanese controller. However, if I want to play a game that uses the Super Mouse, Super Scope, or the Multitap, then you are out of luck. There are no adapters that converts the signals from these odd controllers.

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